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Hurricane preparedness:
there’s no time like now.

  • Plan your evacuation route.

  • Prepare non-perishable emergency supplies, enough for 3 days per person, include medications, and don’t forget the supplies your pets need.

  • Take an inventory of your personal property.

  • Review your insurance policies, including Flood Insurance.

  • Take steps to prepare your home.

  • Sign up for weather alerts.

  • Familiarize yourself with shelters and evacuation routes.

  • Never abandon your pets!

During and after the storm.

  • During the storm.

  • If instructed to evacuate, do so immediately.

  • If sheltering during high winds, shelter in an interior windowless room or hallway.

  • If trapped in a flooding building, go the highest level of the building, but not the attic.

  • Listen for current emergency instructions.

  • Use generators or gasoline powered machines outside only and away from windows.

  • Do not walk, swim or drive through flood waters.

  • Stay off bridges over fast moving water.

  • After the storm.

  • Listen to authorities for information and instructions.

  • Be careful during clean-up. Wear protective clothing and work with someone else.

  • Do not touch electrical equipment if it is wet or you are standing in water.

  • Avoid wading in water, which may contain dangerous debris or electrical wires.

  • Save phone calls for emergencies. Use text messages or social media to communicate with family and friends.

  • Document property damage with photos and contact your insurance company for assistance.

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